1 Case 1 Plastic Bottle

Every year, over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans. Marine species are entangled by the plastic waste and mistake it for food, which poses a huge threat to our wildlife as well as our ecosystem. Plastic pollution also threatens human health as it affects our food safety and quality as well as contributes to climate change.

Tide ocean SA is an organization founded in Switzerland in 2019 by Thomas Schori and Marc Krebs to tackle the alarming issue of ocean-bound plastic pollution with offshoots in Southeast Asia and Latin America. In order to protect our oceans, fauna and flora, #tide® creates a social impact by working with local fishermen and local communities who receive fair wages to collect plastic waste. #tide’s goal is to collect 1 billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2025.

To aid in putting an end to the problem of plastic pollution, we’re proud to announce the collaboration between Nudient and #tide®. NUDIENT is supporting #tide®’s journey and goal to collect 1 billion plastic bottles by 2025. For each product sold by NUDIENT, a plastic bottle will be collected from the ocean by #tide®. In its turn, #tide® will recycle the plastic waste and give it a new purpose under the form of premium quality pellets, yarn, canvas, and filament.

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