Thin Samsung S10+ Case V2 - Jewelry Gold

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We have just launched version 2 of our bestselling case.
  • What's new version 2 - Better protection, comfortable grip, sturdy design, same thin feel!
  • 0.75 millimeter thin - Made from hard plastic and coated with rubber for better grip. Works with wireless charging.
  • Increased grip and protection - Seamless fit around your phone and protects both camera and phone. 
  • 50.000+ sold cases - 1000+ reviews - Recommended by Macworld! 

Whats new with version2?

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Better Protection/h2>

We have increased the thickness to 0.75mm, this is the optimal thickness to combine a good protection with a slim feeling where the case fits perfectly around your phone.

Stronger construction

Our new case has a stronger construction that protects all edges around the phone. There is also protection around the buttons for easier access.

Comfortable grip

The case is coated with 3 layers of rubberized material for increased grip. Comfortable to hold yet easy to slide into your pocket.

Same thin feeling

The only thing that is the same from the first version is the feeling that there’s no case on the phone, this is something that is synonymous with Nudient and something we are very proud to achieve!